ESPRESSO UNO – Toronto’s first, Toronto's finest, and Toronto’s fabulous!


From Hot Espressos or Lattes to Healthy Non-Dairy Fresh Fruit Smoothies or some Fresh Italian Gelato, all made to order!

We only use gourmet coffee beans from around the world, fresh milks, pure water and even chemical-free decaffeinated coffee beans.

We offer Soy, Lactose or any specialty milks, available upon request.

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  • Hot Beverages :
  • Cold Beverages :
Espresso (regular/decaf) - single or double, dark, strong and delicious 
Cappuccino - equal parts Espresso and steamed milk with a froth cap, topped with cinnamon or chocolate sprinkles
Caffe Latte – Espresso with steamed milk
Caffe Americano – a shot of rich Espresso coffee lightened with hot water
Hot Chocolate – decadent imported chocolate with coco and steamed milk
Mochaccino – Espresso with sweet chocolate and steamed milk, topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles
Chai Tea Latte – soothing combination of black tea, honey, vanilla, clove and ginger.
• Flavoured Specialty Coffee drinks available, call for flavour options.
• Assorted Teas available upon request
Iced Cappuccino – Espresso coffee blended with fresh cold milk over cracked ice and topped with fresh whipped cream, add flavour like Caramel, Hazelnut or Coconut 
Fresh Fruit Non-Dairy Smoothies – healthy, fresh and cold, whipped and blended fresh fruit shakes. Combinations of Orange, Banana, Mango, Blueberry, Strawberry, Lemon and other in season fresh fruit.
Gelato / Sorbet – assorted flavoured Gelato and Sorbet, call us to see what wonderful flavours we offer.

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